Birthday Parties

IMG_1820IMG_1629If your ‘little one’ loves dancing, singing, jumping, hopping and skipping and you would like a special age – appropriate birthday party, then have a Katylous Music and Movement session at the party!

029IMG_1440Our party sessions are similar to our classes. They are packed with fun, with lots of action songs, parachute play and props to keep the children entertained. The sessions are tailored for parents to join in so that the children are comfortable and more confident and of course, the ‘grown-ups’ have fun too!


Katylous Music and Movement Birthday Parties are tailor-made to each child. We include their favourite songs and activities and run the session according to your child’s age.

We offer 30 or 40 minute sessions.


Thanks so much for yesterday, the girls had a great party and really enjoyed your session, as did the other children (and their parents!) It was perfect for them. My Dad was amazed at how you engage all the children and parents so easily. You are a natural at it! Lots of the mums were saying how good it was too. We had to playing hiding again for Harry after you had gone! Abigail has already asked for “Katy” twice this morning! Abigail and Emilys Mummy

Katy and Amy already knew what activities Elliott enjoyed the most and so were able to develop his party with all his favourite songs and games. He liked that his suggestions were taken on board and enjoyed being involved in planning his party. Older and younger children had lots of fun too. The staff at the garden centre where we had the party commented on Amy’s enthusiasm and connection with the children and took her details to recommend to other parents. Elliott’s Mummy

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