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Confidence, friendship, and teamwork…’Katylous Forest School’

A few weeks ago, I feel we had a real breakthrough with the children who attend our Burbage Common Forest School sessions, particularly with friendship, confidence and teamwork. Our theme for the week was ‘shapes’, so we went on a hunt in the woods and found lots of interesting patterns and shapes in the trees. Trees have really beautiful looking

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Recent Research

In a recent study, Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences tested foundation stage children from different schools, finding that 90% showed a degree of movement difficulty, with many experiencing problems with balance and co-ordination which are impacting their ability to learn in class. They also found that up to 30% of children are starting school with symptoms

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Workshop: Events

We regularly offer one-off events such as; Nerf War battles, Survival camps, Angry Birds battles, Father and Son Days, Family events, raft building challenges, Wild Woman. Join our workshop or call to find out more – 01455 289 202 / 07841 159 684.

Workshop: Play

Play: The importance of outdoor play, the Scandanaviuan way of learning and essential need to get children back outdoors playing amongst nature with friends rather than behind a screen, restricted and stripped of childhood due to health and safetly and movements in society. Join our workshop or call to find out more – 01455 289 202 / 07841 159 684.