Blossom Buddies – Forest School Affiliation Programme

Blossom Buddies – Forest School Affiliation Programme

‘Whole School’ Forest School Training & Award

Our whole session training and ‘Blossom Buddy’ Award has been designed to revolutionise educational practice and prepare a new generation of practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to move from frequent indoor activities to incorporate regular inclusive outdoor play in a natural environment and promote child led learning, choices, risk assessment and socialisation opportunities.

A true ‘Forest School’

A true ‘Forest School’ can only be achieved when supported by all staff who have a basic understanding of its ethos
regular on site sessions run by a level three practitioner.

Blossom Buddies

Training to become a ‘Blossom Buddy’ setting involves a full day certified course delivered on behalf of ITC and involves 25 hours of guided learning hours, completed during the training days and by a portfolio of evidence developed by each candidate. It is a certified course, providing each learner with an ITC Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles and awards the setting as one of our recommended and supported ‘Blossom Buddy’ settings.

The cost of our whole-school sessions is less than one staff member training to Level 3 Forest School and therefore ensures that Forest School is a sustainable and cost effective embedded, whole staff approach.

Blossom Buddies

Level 1 Award


for up to 5 members of staff


for up to 10 members of staff


for up to 15 members of staff

Blossom Buddies

Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos & Principles

Training & Affiliation ProgrammesThe Level 1 Award and training course covers the underlying ethos and ideas of Forest School and the use of the outdoor to aid learning. Each candidate has to produce evidence to meet all the assessment criteria of each unit and this evidence must be authentic, reliable, valid and sufficient. As part of the course, you will need to attend at least one Forest School session run by a Level three qualified Forest School Leader and complete your observations of this session.

1. Understand the Forest School approach to learning.
2. Participate in the Forest School experiences.
3. Understand methods of identification of woodland species.
4. Understand how Forest School impacts on the woodland environment.
5. Understand hazards at Forest School

  Assessment Criteria:   The learner can…….
1.1 Outline the Forest School approach to learning and development
1.2 Identify ways in which Forest School supports the development of the whole person
1.3 State ways that play can benefit participants at Forest School
1.4 Observe a Forest School session run by a qualified Level 3 Forest School Programme Leader
1.5 State the roles of the Forest School Leader and other adults at the session observed
2.1 Participate in a range of Forest School experiences
3.1 Name methods of identifying local woodland species, providing examples
4.1 Identify how Forest School experiences may impact on the woodland environment
5.1 Identify different types of hazard and their associated risks
5.2 State how these risks at Forest School may be reduced

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded an ITC Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Priciples.

Please note that the Level 1 qualification will not entitle you to lead your own Forest School sessions in local woodlands. It is designed to provide a foundation level of training, ideally to ensure all staff in schools and early years settings have a basic knowledge of the principles to ensure they can facilitate the forest school ethos throughout the setting. It is an ideal course to compliment level 2 and level 3 colleagues.

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