About Katylous

Established in 2009 by its founder, Katy Duckett, the business has rapidly grown. Katylous has become a (familiar) successful, notable professional company and brand. With an initial focus on fun classes to promote physical development for youngsters. Katylous now appeals to a much broader audience, including both adults and children. As well as, corporate clients, offering days of Bushcraft, Teambuilding and Survival. Along with, Forest School, Summer School and Wild Woman days.

A Sports Science Diploma, Sports Leaders Award and Level Three Forest School qualification. Along with, a Law degree provided the confidence, knowledge and skills to establish a successful business. Quality along with, unique educational curriculums and a successful franchise model provide quality experiences. As well as, training and workshops for parents and childcare professionals.

Experience in Human Resources, Management, Customer Care and Client Relations. As well as, franchising has provided experience and developed team building skills. Furthermore, experience in the corporate world and effective people management, provide the skills which are applied in our Team Building and Corporate Days.

Although the business has grown and diversified, Katylous still upholds the initial focus. Music and Movement and promotion of physical development, play and co-ordination. Katylous continues to strive with the continuation of private classes, nursery and preschool sessions. Along with, the introduction of a successful franchise. Furthermore, regular workshops and training to inspire parents and childcare professionals are undertaken.

About Katylous – Meet The Team

About Katylous